Things Consider Before Buying Exhaust Downpipe

For most people, the exhaust downpipe is very unfamiliar, because the exhaust downpipe is not yet legal on the street in most places, so it is not very common. For owners who are looking for vehicle power, an exhaust downpipe is a good choice, but before installing a car exhaust downpipe, it is important to understand the laws in your area.

turbo downpipe exhaust


What the Exhaust downpipe Is?

If you want to increase the power of your vehicle, the exhaust downpipe is a great option. If the vehicle is already equipped with a turbocharger, you can also choose the exhaust downpipe to increase the vehicle’s power. The exhaust downpipe is the components which is bolted directly to the turbine housing and helps direct exhaust gas through the exhaust system. Most exhaust downpipe manufacturers have at least one catalytic converter in the exhaust downpipe. They do a good job of cleaning the exhaust gas, but the restrictions are strict, otherwise it will lead to potential power loss.

The Function of the Exhaust downpipe

The exhaust downpipe of a turbocharged vehicle directs exhaust gas from the turbine casing to the exhaust system. The diameter of the exhaust downpipe on the market is usually larger, either using a high-flow catalytic converter, or removing the catalytic converter completely. By removing the factory’s exhaust downpipe and replacing it with a high-flow device, you can make the turbine discharge gas from the turbine more efficiently, thereby generating more power. The factory’s exhaust downpipe is a bottleneck in performance. Now that the factory restrictions have disappeared, you can increase the power of the vehicle by changing the exhaust downpipe. If you want to get the most power without changing your turbocharger, the exhaust downpipe is the key.

Classification of Exhaust downpipe

There are usually two configurations of exhaust downpipes on the market, one is a catted exhaust downpipe, and the other is a catless exhaust downpipe. The catted exhaust downpipe uses a high-flow catalytic converter, while the catless exhaust downpipe removes all catalytic converters. For a catted exhaust downpipe, the catalytic converter purifies the exhaust gas as it passes through the catalyst, which means that the odor of the original exhaust gas is reduced. If you choose a catless exhaust downpipe, please note that the vehicle will be smelly, as this exhaust is not purified before leaving the vehicle.

Precautions When Buying Exhaust downpipe

Generally, the manufacturer of the exhaust suspension pipe will indicate the parameters of the exhaust suspension pipe that are suitable for your vehicle. But you can also choose a more suitable exhaust downpipe according to your needs.

1.Pipe Diameter

Measurements of diameter will vary. The size range is usually 2.5 inches, 3.0 inches and 3.5 inches.


Lengths vary widely, most are common lengths, and some are longer


You can choose between donuts or flat flanges, depending on the type of bolt used.

Although not well known to the general public, the exhaust downpipe is an important performance add-on to most turbocharged vehicles. When you want to improve the power of you auto-mobile, you might consider the exhaust downpipe.

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